Dear parent, 
Due to threat of severe weather conditions, Dove Science Academy Elementary is closed on Monday, May 20th. Please stay safe. Thanks.


BYOD Guide

Dove Public Schools provide WiFi access to all members of doveschools and guests. All traffic on campus only* is monitored and recorded. App usage is also tracked. Usage requires that a security certificate is installed on your device - see below.

*Even after adding the certificate once you leave Dove`s wifi we have no access/monitoring to your device. This only effects your device on our wifi.


Connection Instructions

Connect to GuestWifi or Staff if you are a staff member
* Security Certificate Installation Instructions (one-time process) 

* If you need more information for

Android Devices (Iphones and tablets) click here
-IOS Devices (Ipad/Iphone) click here
-Mac (OS-X) click here
-Windows PC click here