Why Dove?

Science Fair Achievements

Dove Schools has been encouraging students to attend science fairs since it was established. It has become ordinary that Dove Science Academy is one of the most rewarded schools in regional Science Fair every year. 

Our Students go to college after their graduation

Dove Schools encourages all middle and high school students to set their target to go to college after graduation. Our goal is to have all of our graduates attend a college and have better lives in their future.

Emphasizing on Math, Science and Computers

Dove Schools prepare students for college with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Below is what we offer for STEM field.

Math: Annual Math Challenge Contest, Math Counts Club, Math Projects for Regional/State Science Fair, Math Tutoring, other Math Competitions, AP Classes

Science: Science Labs, Schoolwide Science Fair, Regional Science Fair, Oklahoma State Science Fair, AP Classes

Computers: Computer Classrooms, Computer Classes, Computer Credits for High School Students, AP Classes, middle and high school robotics classes and clubs, competitions.

Learning Environment

With a low faculty-student ratio, Dove Schools provides the best environment for students' education.  Teachers have more time to help each student individually. Students have more chance to ask questions and get help.


Dove Schools believes that discipline is one of the keys that open the door to success. Students are always monitored closely. Our dedicated teachers monitor hallways during break times, spending their breaktime with students. 

Instant Online Access to Students' Info

Dove Schools students and their parents have a great opportunity to have School information called Infinite Campus. Students and parents can also use Mobile Apps (for both IOS and Android) to receive instant notifications about attendance, grades, assignments, and lunch balances. The following list shows what students/parents can view using Infinite Campus Portal:

- Daily updated grades,
- Instant attendance data
- Discipline information 
- Class schedule
- Homework and due dates
-  Assessment information
- Credits required and their child has earned
- Food Service
- Multiple reports (grades, attendance, lunch, etc)